At Meningitis Relief Canada (MRC), we provide free grief and bereavement counseling and support services to individuals and families afflicted by meningitis.  

Each meningitis case is different and therefore the recovery process, both emotionally and physically, will differ according to the individual and family involved. Due to the speed in which meningitis attacks, most people are often overwhelmed, shocked and traumatized by the experience.

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At Meningitis Relief Canada (MRC), we provide financial assistance to individuals who suffer from disability as a result of meningitis, in order to improve their quality of care.  

Meningitis is devastating for the individuals and families involved. The financial consequences of meningitis can place additional pressures on families, as they have already gone through such a traumatizing experience. At Meningitis Relief Canada (MRC), our financial support grants can help ease some anxiety related to financial pressures, and redirect the focus on the care of the afflicted individuals.

The financial support grants provided by Meningitis Relief Canada (MRC), will vary according to the individual involved and their needs. Our support can help with, hospital travel expenses, specialized aid equipment, therapeutic activities, specialized computer equipment, home adaptations, respite care, funeral arrangements, etc.

Please contact us for more information on our financial assistance program and how we can help.